About Jess

Oh, just hiking and camping, and being outdoors, and loving it.

I hike all over Tennessee, mostly the middle-ish part because that’s where I live. Sometimes I take trips to the East Tennessee mountains. Sometimes, I backpack when I hike and other times, I just car camp. Sometimes, I take trips other places besides Tennessee. A lot of the time, I hike with my sweet and adventurous pup, Luna.

I’ve called Nashville home for over a decade and I’ve been hiking around the state for most of those years. I’m determined to prove that middle Tennessee is just as much of an “outdoor state” as Oregon, California or Colorado. There’s so much beauty and diversity in nature right here in the South. Keep in mind that most of these hikes are done as day hikes from Nashville.

Most of the time, you won’t find super in-depth reviews or photo diaries of every waypoint on the hikes I post. My wish is that this blog is a jumping off point for your outdoor explorations. I’ll give you a basic overview and information about the hike and then it’s up to you to experience what you want. I want you to be able to be an active participant in your own hiking.

So go on, get explorin’.

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4 thoughts on “About Jess

  1. Darla Richardson says:

    I’m a 57 year old woman, recently retired Marine, needing a buddy/companion to accompany on hikes. I believe it’s too risky to be going alone on hikes these days. Folks my age either have grandchildren, not enough funding or just say they can’t hike. Please contact me for any references if considered. Sincerely appreciate you time and company. 😊

    • jaemae says:

      With COVID especially, I have kept my circle very small and am not looking to expand with new people right now. You can look into hiking groups like Women Who Hike Tennessee, Middle Tennessee Hikerbabes, and Girls Who Hike Tennessee. These are great places to start to find people to hike with!

    • Angie Williams says:

      Hello Darla,
      I just found the shekikestn website and am looking it over. I know it’s almost a year later but I am a 60 year old woman who seems to be in the same place you are in regard to needing a hiking/outdoor buddy. I do have grandchildren but they live in South GA but I do have funding for trips!!!

      I live near Jackson TN, hal way between Memphis and Nashville. My New Year’s Resolution is to find new friends to hike and get outdoors with and get back on the trails!!

      Let me know if you are still interested in a meet up.

      Angie Williams

  2. Tom Adkinson says:


    Hi, “She Hikes.”

    I found your blog while working on a story about the Winding Stairs Trail for Main Street Nashville, a digital newspaper. I write two Middle Tennessee day trip features per month.

    Will you contact me when convenient? There may be a story to be found in you and “She Hikes Tennessee.”

    Tom Adkinson
    Member, Society of American Travel Writers
    Member, Tennessee Outdoor Writers Association
    Member, Southeast Outdoor Press Association

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