Honey Creek Loop :: Big South Fork National Recreation Area

When I read review of a hike and it says “only recommended for very experienced hikers”, it immediately jumps to the top of my list.

Big South Fork is almost 3 hours from Nashville, so I put it off for quite a while. Also, I couldn’t find a great map for it because the loop created by other trails, which proved to be confusing . The map that the national park service has is dismal. Cool, thanks National Park Service.

This trail is no joke. Many parts of it are just creek beds and huge rocks. You find your way by searching for white blazes, then finding a way to get to that white blaze. It’s pretty amazing.


I took this photo standing in the middle of the trail, which is not really a trail at all

The trail isn’t very well marked which proves to be a bit of a challenge when you feel like you are hiking in circles. Particularly around the Indian Rock Loop and the Honey Creek Overlook. Just be prepared to really pay attention to your surroundings because the above map doesn’t really help too much. If you have a GPS, I would bring it, just as an extra precaution.


Ladder to Honey Creek Overlook, be sure to come back down these to rejoin the loop trail at the bottom

There are a few waterfalls and crazy cool cave like structures filled with stacked rocks and sketchy ladders.


Indian Rock House

So, if you can get past the difficulties, and are up for it, please hike this trail. It’s awesome.

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Honey Creek Overlook

Distance from Nashville: 2hr 45min

Trailhead: Off of Burnt Millford Road in Oneida, TN

Trail: Honey Creek Loop (see my route below)

Link to trail map: Honey Creek Loop Trail Map

Length of trail: Just under 6 miles, allow about 6 hours to be safe because it’s pretty slow going at times.

Overview: Very difficult and technical with great payoffs: waterfalls, overlook, boulders, streams, caves.

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